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Online & Face-To-Face Coaching with Mark Jacobsen

Public Speaking, Presentations and Acting Auditions

Meet Mark

Public Speaking & Audition Coach

MARK JACOBSEN has been a professional speaker, trainer, and actor since 1986, helping people to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.


Mark has a talent for bringing out the best in adults and teens under many circumstances including public speaking, presentations, auditions and live performances.


What I Specialize In

Overcoming the 'Fear' of Public Speaking

Facial and Body Language

'Selling' Your Ideas

Vocal Variety

Storytelling and Humor

Audience and Lecturer

A Powerful Performance will Transform Everyone in the Room

“When I had to speak at a conference held in one of the biggest ballrooms in NH, Mark was instrumental in helping me to hone my message, calm my nervous system and meaningfully connect with the audience.”

- Deb LeClair, Owner Full Spectrum Wellness

“Having Mark observe a recent presentation was invaluable to its success. He provided an objective perspective about my delivery style and offered his feedback in a supportive way.”

- Robin Eichert, Founder PeopleSense Consulting

Mark helped me prepare for many auditions over the years.  I always found his insight an invaluable tool for my audition preparation.”

- Tom Brown - Actor, Writer, Producer

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