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Coaching Sessions

Imagine actually looking forward to a giving a presentation or audition

Performance Coaching

Most people experience tremendous anxiety just thinking about public speaking or delivering a presentation.  Speaking in front of a large or small group is not a magical ability that only certain people possess.  Public speaking is a skill, and like any skill, it requires practice and the right coach for you to be successful.


You must be an effective communicator to be a successful public speaker.  The best communicators understand the “tricks of the trade” for delivering their message in a fun and memorable fashion. You must know how to keep your audience engaged, entertained, and intrigued, so they will remember you and your message long after your presentation is over. 


My job as your coach is to help you become the best communicator that you can be and showcase your ideas and talents in the best possible light.

Crowd of People
Clapping Audience

How Sessions Work

Given the current health crisis, practices have been forced to change and adapt.  Current sessions are now most commonly done through the ‘Zoom’ online platform.  A preliminary email or phone consultation will determine your needs and a pre-determined date(s) & time(s) will be arranged for us to ‘meet’ online and go through your presentation, speech, or audition material.  Depending on the length of the presentation/audition, multiple dates may be arranged to continue refining if necessary.

Feedback is offered in a safe and stress-free environment to help guide you to a place where speaking or auditioning with confidence comes with greater and greater ease.

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